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Food challenges are administered and
monitored right in Dr. Berlin’s office.

Allergy and Asthma

Treatment and Relief for your entire Family

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  • Asthma

    Are you having trouble exercising? Do you have a chronic cough? Do you wheeze? Does your chest tighten up? If so, these may be symptoms of asthma.

  • Allergies

    Do your eyes constantly itch or tear? Are you rubbing them? Is your nose stuffy or always running? Do you have fits of sneezing? Allergy testing is available to determine the cause of your discomfort

  • Hives

    Does your skin itch? Do you have a rash? Does your skin swell up? If you’re having hives, you may be reacting to an allergen. We can help you get more comfortable

  • Food & Drug Allergies

    Do you avoid foods because you think you’re allergic to them? Are you having trouble finding medicines you can tolerate?

  • Infections

    Are you often treated with antibiotics? Have they stopped working for you? Have you had infections that are unusually severe?

  • Sinus Problems

    Do you suffer with post-nasal drip or have frequent sinus infections? Are you feeling sinus pressure/headache, have a cough or sore throat? Do your teeth hurt?

  • Ready to start feeling better?

    We’re ready to help identify why you’re suffering and to offer the best treatment available.

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