• 12 APR 18

    The snow is barely gone in South Jersey and the pollen counts are on the rise!

    You may think it’s an end-of-the-winter cold, but there’s a good chance you and/or your children are already experiencing spring allergy symptoms. If you know you have pollen allergies, here are a few things you may be doing which are contributing to making your allergy symptoms worse:

    Opening your windows to let the fresh air in – while very tempting, keeping your windows shut keeps the pollen out!

    Using the wrong air filter – or using one that needs to be changed. Read up on the best kind, and size it right for your living space.

    Eating certain fruits or vegetables  – lots of people with seasonal allergies also experience food allergy syndrome – a cross-reaction between similar proteins found in certain fruit, vegetables or nuts, and the allergy-causing pollen.

    Procrastinating – not taking your medication until you’re sneezing, stuffy and miserable takes its toll, Instead, get a jump start on treating your symptoms before the season gets further underway.

    Self-medicating – you’re not certain what’s making you feel terrible, so you try multiple medications hoping to get some relief. Your best option is to see an allergist who can determine the source of your symptoms and create a personalized allergy treatment plan. You’ll be glad you did!


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