• 18 JUL 19


    We’re in a heatwave in the South Jersey area and that can make anyone hot and cranky! But if you suffer from asthma or other breathing disorders, it can be particularly troublesome for both kids and adults. Very hot weather can cause air quality to be unhealthy due to increases in the levels of pollutants and ozone in the air we’re breathing. This can cause breathing problems or trigger symptom flare-ups if you have asthma or other lung conditions. Adding to this, summertime is when grasses and weeds produce the highest levels of pollen, a further source of airway irritation.

    General recommendations for “weathering” a heatwave are just as important – or even more so – for asthmatics. Check the forecast for air temperature and quality, and plan your day accordingly. Keep well hydrated and avoid fluids that dehydrate (caffeine, alcohol). Avoid the heat as best you can – keep your home as cool as possible, stay out of the sun, and exercise indoors or during the coolest part of the day. Fans are a great way to help feel cooler inside, and small battery-operated hand-held fans are great for on the go. If you go out, take along extra fluids, a mini-fan and always carry your medicine with you! 

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