• 20 NOV 13

    President Obama signs School EpiPen Law

    imagesOn November 13, President Obama signed a bipartisan sponsored bill to encourage states to increase the availability of emergency EpiPens (epinephrine) in schools.

    The president commented that “This is something that will save children’s lives.” His daughter, Malia, is allergic to peanuts. Having epinephrine available in schools can help prevent serious reactions and death in children with severe food allergies.

    The legislation, known as the “School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Law” will give states that require schools to maintain a supply of (and allow trained staff to administer) epinephrine a higher priority for receiving pediatric asthma treatment grants. Only four states currently require epinephrine to be  stocked in schools: Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada and Virginia.

    Mylan Inc., which markets EpiPens offers a program, EpiPen4Schools, which will donate 4 EpiPens to schools that request them.

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