• 16 SEP 19


    It’s mid-September and everyone’s back to school, settling in to the routine of a new school year. If you haven’t already heard it, you may soon hear “Mom! I think I’m allergic to school!” And while your first reaction might be to laugh, there may actually be some truth in that statement.

    Ragweed season is still going strong, so just getting outside and going to and from school ~ and playing at recess ~ can expose children to ragweed pollen. 

    But inside school buildings, there are other potential irritants such as chalk dust, mold, dust mites, and class pets in classrooms. Classmates may also bring pet dander from family pets with them on their clothing, in addition to pollen that lands on their clothing. In the lunchroom, kids can be exposed to foods to which they’re allergic. 

    During gym class or at recess, lots of running can trigger an asthma attack in children with exercise-induced asthma. Studies have shown that asthmatic children miss 75% less school when under the care of a board certified allergist. 

    Everyone wants their kids to get the best start to the school year and perform to their best ability. Feeling allergic symptoms can get in the way of concentrating and diminish even the most optimal learning conditions. Whatever the reason your kid is “allergic to school”, an allergist can help determine what’s causing the symptoms and develop an individualized treatment plan to get him/her on track for a successful school year.

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