• 04 DEC 20


    It’s that time of the year again – the holiday season is upon us, which means the end
    of the year is rapidly approaching! For people who have met the deductible of their
    health insurance plans, it’s also a great time to schedule an allergy or asthma
    evaluation before the year ends.

    Many health insurance plans re-set the medical expense deductibles to zero on
    January 1. If you’ve been putting off medical concerns and appointments – such as
    allergy testing or developing an asthma treatment plan – there’s still time to make an
    appointment before the clock runs out!

    If this describes you, and your medical deductible has been reached, why not get
    your allergies, food sensitivities, or asthma evaluated and treated? You’ll be in better
    shape to ring in a healthier new year!

    In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have added the option for patients to
    have virtual, or on-line, office appointments from the comfort and safety of your
    home. Allergy testing and breathing evaluations require in person office visits,
    however our office has taken the necessary measures to ensure a safe environment
    for both patients and staff.

Request an appointment or call 856.262.9200

Office Now Open!All Allergy & Asthma Care is now once again open for in person patient visits with Dr. Berlin!  In addition, telemedicine appointments will continue to be available. To schedule an in-office appointment or a televisit, please call 856.262.9200.