• What is an allergy?

    If you have an allergy, your body’s immune system treats whatever you are allergic to as an invader and releases chemicals to guard against it. These chemicals cause allergic symptoms that can be mild to severe in nature. At times, they are merely annoying, however sometimes they can be deadly.

  • Where would I feel an allergic reaction?

    Allergic reactions can affect your nose, throat, eyes, lungs, skin, stomach or intestines, or even your whole body. Whenever you are exposed to something you are allergic to, your body will trigger an allergic response again. It’s important to know to what you are allergic    and be able to treat or avoid a reaction.

  • When should I see an allergist to treat my asthma?

    An allergist can help you understand more about your asthma and develop a treatment plan that works for you.

    An allergist should be consulted if you:

    • Have asthma symptoms every day and frequently at night that require you to limit your normal activity
    • Had a life-threatening asthma attack
    • You are not responding to your current asthma treatment
    • Have symptoms that are difficult to diagnose or are unusual
    • Have hay fever or sinusitis that complicate your asthma
    • Need tests to discover more about your asthma or what’s causing your symptoms
    • Need assistance and/or instruction regarding your asthma triggers, medicines or your treatment plan
    • Could be helped by allergy shots
    • Require oral corticosteroid therapy or high-dose inhaled corticosteroids
    • Have taken oral corticosteroids more than twice in one year
    • Have been hospitalized because of your asthma

    An allergy/asthma specialist is recommended for children ages 0-4 who have asthma symptoms every day and three to four nights or more per month, and should be considered for children who have symptoms three days or more a week and one to two nights a month.

  • Does Dr. Berlin treat adults and children?

    Although trained and board certified initially in pediatrics, Dr. Berlin is board certified to treat adults and children with allergies and immunologic problems.

  • When can I be seen?

    Office visits are by appointment only. Most patients can be seen within a short timeframe. If you’re having a serious problem, and/or your primary care physician has requested you see an allergy & asthma specialist, we can usually fit you into our schedule promptly.

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