• 05 OCT 22


    Seasonal allergies and Covid-19 can cause several similar symptoms. With lots of Covid-19 cases around in the South Jersey area right at the peak of fall allergy season, here’s some information to help you figure out what’s making you suffer.

    While Covid-19 usually causes muscle aches and fever, seasonal allergies do not. Usually Covid-19 causes a dry cough and tiredness, both of which can sometimes be caused by allergies as well. Seasonal allergies are most likely to cause itchy nose, eyes, mouth or ears and sneezing, you will not normally experience theses symptoms with Covid-19. Both allergies and Covid-19 will cause a runny or stuffy nose, but seasonal allergies never cause nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

    Unlike Covid-19, which can cause shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, seasonal allergies will only result in these symptoms if an individual has asthma or another underlying breathing condition which becomes exacerbated by pollen allergy symptoms.

    Here in South Jersey, the most common autumn allergies are the result of ragweed pollen, grass pollen and other plants that produce an abundance of pollen in the fall. If you think seasonal allergies are causing your symptoms, you can be allergy tested to find out the exact cause and get treated so next year you can get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather without suffering.

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