• 18 JUL 17

    Are you an allergic person?

    Are you an allergic person? Do you have an allergic child or children? You and your family may benefit from using an air cleaner in your home.

    While there’s some debate about whether air cleaners/air purifiers actually improve health, most allergists believe they can play a part in an overall strategy to reduce allergens and irritants in your living spaces.

    If you suffer from airborne allergens – pollen, mold, dust or pet dander, air cleaners with a HEPA filters, ULPA filter or electronic air cleaners can be used to reduce allergens in the air.

    If smoke, gases or odors are the irritants you want to reduce in your home, gas-phase filters can be useful.

    Key points when shopping for air cleaners:

    • Look for air cleaners with sealed compartments that do not allow pollutants to escape back into the room.
    • Purchase an air cleaner that accommodates the square footage area of your room.
    • Note how frequently filters should be replaced and how much they cost. Air cleaners are less effective as the filters fill up.


    With the pollen level already high for several varieties of pollinating trees in the South Jersey region, installing air cleaners – in bedrooms especially – can play a role in your overall allergy treatment plan helping you and your family breathe more easily.


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