• 01 MAY 19


    Nobody hears the phrase “allergy shots” and thinks that sounds like a fun time.  To some, it may sound like unnecessary pain. To others, it probably sounds scary!

    But if you’ve suffered through enough allergy seasons feeling miserable and find allergy medications just aren’t the answer to feeling sufficiently better, perhaps it’s time to look into allergy immunotherapy for long term relief.

    Just like a vaccine introduces pathogens (viruses or bacteria) to which the body develops an immune response, allergy immunotherapy is a preventative treatment which also introduces substances – in this case, allergens – for the immune system to recognize and learn how to respond to when encountered in the future. In the case of vaccines, the illness is prevented. With a sequence of allergy shots, the body’s response to allergens is gradually lessened over a period of time, eventually resulting in the elimination of the allergic symptoms caused by a particular allergen.

    Board certified allergists, like Dr. Paul Berlin, are specially trained to assess and diagnose to which specific substances individuals are allergic and to formulate custom serum for each patient’s immunotherapy treatment. They also have staff trained in administering allergy shots and monitoring patients after they have received their injection. If you’re interested in finding out if allergy shots are for you, give us a call today at 856.262.9200. Our friendly staff will be happy to schedule an allergy evaluation for you!

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