• 06 APR 21


    It’s springtime in New Jersey and the pollen counts are rising ~ could this be what’s causing your headache? Allergies can be the cause of both sinus headaches and migraine headaches.

    Sinus headaches are a common symptom for people suffering from allergies.

    The sinuses are hollow air spaces that open into the nose and allow for the exchange of air and mucus. When allergens are breathed in, nasal passages can become irritated and swollen, blocking the openings into the nose. This prevents normal drainage and causes pressure to build in the sinuses.

    Since the sinuses are located in the cheeks and forehead, and behind the bridge of the nose and behind the eyes, sinus pain can occur in all of those places. In fact, sinus pain can radiate to the top of your head or down to your jaw and teeth.

    Allergies can also trigger migraine headaches.

    Certain tree pollen allergens and even dust can be irritating enough to bring on a migraine headache in some people.

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